Novy News – Fall 2014 (Vol 1 / No 3)

Fall is upon us . . . and that means it’s time for another edition of Novy News! Enjoy :)


* We’re Growing – We shine a spotlight on our growth spurt . . . including new client, services, and team members Drew Utterback, Cat Wendt, Grace Lim, and Aaron Goldman.

* Projects – We brag about several client launches and campaigns:

– Ascent: The Space Game
– Etherlords
– The Great Prank War
– Speedy Pups
– Letter Hero
– Battle for  the Galaxy
– Iconic
– The Swapper
– Archmage Rises

* Sharing the Wealth – We focus on some roundups featuring our clients in VentureBeat and GamesIndustry International.

* From the Team Trenches – We show off our blog — including interviews of Novy co-founders Jeannie Novak and Luis Levy conducted by Entertainment & Game World and Two Dash Stash . . . and a new installment of Drew Utterback’s marketing series

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