Blasters of the Universe

A VR bullet hell shooter


Secret Location

“I absolutely love the concept, and I love that it gets people on their feet and moving, even if it’s just bobbing and weaving your head.”

– Wyatt Krause (Sprites and Dice)

Secret Location to showcase “VR bullet hell” Blasters of the Universe at PAX East!


Secret Location will be at PAX East at the Indie MEGABOOTH showcasing BLASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, the studio’s original IP *and* the first ever “VR bullet hell” first-person shooter 🙂


Screenshots + logos:

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In Blasters of the Universe, use *hundreds* of weapon combinations and seriously sick moves to overthrow the armies of insecure man-child and self-proclaimed VR god “Grand Master Alwyn.” Dodge and blast your way through unrelenting waves of enemies in a neon-bathed world straight out of ‘80s VHS cover art!

With offices in Toronto and Los Angeles, Secret Location created the first original serialized VR narrative and is the first studio in the world to win a Primetime Emmy® Award for a VR project (Sleepy Hollow: VR Experience).


PAX East: March 10-12

Game: Blasters of the Universe

Location: Booth #17079 (Indie MEGABOOTH, egress aisle – across from the minibooth)


* Kathryn Rawson (Supervising Producer)
* Josh Manricks (Product Lead)
* Mike Sandercock (Game Designer)

Kathryn, Josh, and Mike will be at the booth for live demos — and to answer your questions, of course 🙂