Caravan War

A Medieval tower defense on the go


Hiker Games

“Hardcore geeky gamers are always on the lookout for new adventures to take. If you’re into multiplayer online games, check out this new game which is a combination of simulation and tower defense.”

– Rei Padla (Android Community)

Tower Defense/Simulation Hybrid Caravan War Enters Open Beta

Now available on Google Play


HANOI, Vietnam – Oct. 3, 2017 – Online multiplayer strategy game Caravan War – a mix of simulation and tower defense gameplay – has just entered Beta! Get ready to make your fortune in this beautifully illustrated trading adventure for Android.

To join the Beta, visit the Early Access tab in Google Play on your phone or Android tablet

Created by award-winning indie developer Hiker Games and set in a medieval fantasy world, Caravan War will have you manage a commercial empire with immense resources – including a well-equipped caravan perfect for trading goods and gold … or for ambushing other traders! But watch out: You can also be raided by others who will have no qualms about seizing your products. Greed is good – and you’ll need to excel at it in order to upgrade your caravan and guards.

Caravan War is inspired by the historic Silk Road, which stretched from Asia to the Mediterranean Sea,” says Phuong Nguyen Vu, product lead at Hiker Games. “We’re all about gameplay – and Caravan War has it in spades: Not only can you build a trading company from the ground up, but you can also defend against hostile traders in PvE and PvP. We look forward to welcoming thousands of Android users to our Open Beta!”

Key Features

  • Experience a perfect mix of simulation and tower defense gameplay.
  • Assemble your army and set up your caravan based on each unit’s distinct skills.
  • Build and expand the kingdom for resources and technology.
  • Raise a powerful army and ambush other caravans!
  • Enjoy awesome PvE and PvP modes.

The beta build for Caravan War is now available on Google Play.

  1. Find the Early Access section at the end of the list next to “top charts” and “games.”
  2. Look for Caravan War.
  3. Tap Install.

About Hiker Games
Hiker Games is an independent game developer in Vietnam. Founded in 2009, the studio is home to 50 experienced game developers and hopes to make Vietnam a hub for innovation. In addition to Caravan War, Hiker Games has released a number of high-quality titles – including Toy Odyssey (Steam), along with FZ9: Timeshift, Eraser and Gleam (Android/iOS).

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