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Velocity 2X first launched back in 2014 and quickly became a bit of a cult-classic.”

– Tyler Fischer (DualShockers)

BadLand Games Signs Deal with FuturLab to Publish Award-winning Game Velocity 2X


MADRID — Jan. 19, 2017 — Developer FuturLab and Spanish publisher BadLand Games have signed a deal to release the extremely popular and multiple award-winning game Velocity 2X for the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita as boxed editions.

Velocity 2X made a stellar impact back in 2014. The forthcoming physical release will be a permanent reminder of what is most important to FuturLab — and the start of a great partnership with BadLand Games.

“We are delighted to be working with FuturLab. PlayStation gamers will be able to experience this addictive platform/shoot-em-up game with some fantastic extra content that was not previously included,” adds BadLand Games CEO Luis Quintans.

FuturLab has called the PlayStation 4 release the ‘Critical Mass Edition‘ because it represents a major milestone and a tipping point for the company. FuturLab Owner and Director James Marsden adds:

“The Critical Mass Edition is a statement of determination, taking creative leaps of imagination to inspire our players, and to continue creating opportunities for our team to learn, grow and inspire each other.”

This is the first collaboration between FuturLab and BadLand Games. FuturLab’s James Marsden continues:

“Working with BadLand Games to bring ‘Velocity 2X Critical Mass Edition’ to market was an easy decision,” explains James. “Their vision was clear, and their enthusiasm was palpable and infectious.”

Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition and the Standard Edition demonstrate BadLand Games’ continuing tradition of including amazing value-added content to its physical releases.

The PlayStation 4 Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition will contain the following:

Velocity 2X game.
Daily Sprint DLC.
Critical Urgency DLC, includes 6 extra levels.
Dual Core DLC, includes 10 extra levels.
Behind the scenes, making of videos.
Soundtrack CD by Joris de Man.
Exclusive studio booklet.

The PS Vita Velocity 2X: Standard Edition will contain the following:

Velocity 2X game.
PSN DLC code for Velocity Ultra on PS Vita.


Both the Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition for PlayStation 4 and the Velocity 2X: Standard Edition for PS Vita are scheduled to be released in Q2 2017.


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About FuturLab:
FuturLab was founded in Brighton, UK in 2003 by fine art graduate James Marsden. With no background in programming and design, James set about teaching himself everything from web design to console game development. He developed and published his first game for PSP and PS3 in 2010 called Coconut Dodge, which won Game of the Year 2010 from PSN Stores. By 2012, Velocity was born — and FuturLab soon became an award-winning game studio developing original handheld and console games. For more information about FuturLab and Velocity 2X, please visit and

About BadLand Games:
Based in Madrid, Spain and established in 2011, BadLand Games is an independent company specializing in the physical distribution and global publishing of video games. In Spain, BadLand Games is the official distributor of AAA titles for all platforms including WRC 6, the Zombie Army Trilogy, and the highly rated Telltale Games titles The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. BadLand Games works hard to support international indie developers by providing a work environment and a commercial and marketing program highlighting BadLand Games’ extensive publishing and distribution experience. Indie titles already published include Anima: Gate of Memories, Heart&Slash, 8DAYS, Dex, Zenith, Dead Synchronicity, Castles, Ginger: Beyond the Crystal — and the in-house developed game, Awe. To learn more about BadLand Games, please visit