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Networking Meetings
Novy PR will make introductions with those suited best for your task from our trusted professional contact network.

Talking to the Press (Interviews)
Learn how to react to the press when they ask “So, what’s your game?” to improve your chances of creating a soundbite. Build relationships with the media by investigating who would be interested writing about you to get your story told.

Preparing for Conventions
Decide whether yourself or hired professionals will represent the game or studio at the convention. Get live feedback through focus testing, then iterate your game description many times over a few days to perfection. Develop a plan of action to get the most out of your expo, including how to energize your creativity and iterate design.

Marketing & PR Campaign Strategy
Simply buying advertising isn’t enough. Develop and execute a pre-launch strategy used to get the conversation started about your game to eventually convert potential players into sales. Multiple plans are made based on those who are gamers, non-gamers, and those already familiar with the game.

Concept, Character Development, and Design Consultation
The team checks for game quality, fun-factor, and lasting appeal through multiple methods. Besides using our own design knowledge, we’ll get your target demographic to try out the game by contacting individual media members, holding closed/open betas, or demoing the game at conventions. The importance of player testing might reveal a game breaking bug or your next achievement name if players find something new and interesting.

Store Presentation
Learn how to present to your purchaser and player (sometimes they aren’t the same person!) with optimized descriptions, screenshots, and keywords to boost your ranking position and encourage sales.