The science behind marketing follows four steps: Analyze, Create, Deliver, and Iterate.

Players are discovering new games through their friends on social media, the top ranking charts on the mobile stores, and through reliable journalists. Our strategy involves using actual market research data to strategize the best plan for your game. Marketing has evolved from the days depicted in the popular television show Mad Men (we do love to watch it, however)!

Most successful clients cohesively integrate design and marketing. Their marketing materials, like YouTube launch trailers, portray the game. For example, your elevator pitch is not only part of marketing, but it also reflects design!

The first marketing decision. We help formulate your game’s unique propositions and name. Clients get better promotional results when they are niche and unique; using the same strategy as Angry Birds probably won’t get you the same results. Positioning leads to better brand building when you make marketing-based decisions with a sellable game.

Free2Play, Games as a Service, and In-App Purchases are popular and profitable decisions in the marketplace environment for those who want to be around longer than a round in Flappy Birds. Our methods avoid exploiting your players, while continuing to grow your base, evolving your rolling updates and marketing strategy, and adjusting purchase conversion rates.

Includes game design adjustments, refreshing banner ads, updating landing pages, A/B testing, consistent media relations/press releases, and expanding to multiple languages. Clients tend to use our retainer option for best results with Free2Play.

While only a portion of the revenue on mobile stores, Paid Apps are more interesting to journalists to write about than F2P games. This strategy will optimize the game to be more likely to be covered and reviewed. Clients with PC games typically get favorable results with this type of product launch.

Decide on when and which stores and outlets are the right choice for your video game. Diversifying and creating multiple revenue streams provide the best results for players AND developers. Don’t get stuck waiting to generate revenue during your Steam Greenlight campaign!

Decide when to engage and deploy based on monetization, distribution, and release method. We will develop the communication material, visual assets (screenshots, trailers), and copy (keywords, descriptions, etc) according to the plan of action. Popular options include using precursor awareness campaigns to improve promotional targeting by discovering the real reasons why potential players were interested.

Fundraising Campaigns
Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns are two of the best ways indie developers can bring their idea to market. Novy PR develops and assists campaigns with reward optimization, price, description, update strategy and positioning. Novy PR has several games successfully funded through Kickstarter and Steam Greenlit

Looking for more traditional fundraising methods like angel investment? We’ve got that covered as well.

Use ads to get new players or earn revenue. We assist with selection and integration with the right partner to maximize your return on investment. Developers often find better results through advertising than using the funds towards the costs of conventions!

Social Media Management
Build new followers and engage the active community with timed content blasts on the right combination of social networks (Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube). Milestone completion will be gauged from various analytical tools.

Community Events
Interact with players directly through developer team Q&As, behind-the-scenes videos, promotions, contests with in-person or online events.

Developer hosted and third party forums still have a place in our social media connected world. Find your founding followers and backers by engaging with relevant online communities.

Crisis Management
Create outlines and plans of action for worst case scenario situations. Novy PR will be there to assist before, during, and after a crisis or controversial situation to mitigate damage and maintain your hard earned brand, game, or studio image.