Public Relations


The image of your game is just as important as the game itself. Targeted Pitches are designed to engage the outlets and journalists most likely interested in your game, brand, or studio. Novy PR has relevant personal contacts for Let’s Play/Twitch/YouTube Streamers, Video Game & Entertainment Websites, Podcasts, Radio, Print, TV, and more.

We’ll start by working with you to position your game and/or studio by establishing a core message. Then, decide on clear steps and tools to implement it.

People want what they can’t have. Generate excitement around your game with coverage leading up to its release.

Most Novy PR clients gain favorable and positive reviews from publications. See our Case Studies to see where we get coverage.

Start a conversation that no one else is talking about. We’ll help develop the story that people haven’t heard about before.

Setup live interviews at trade shows such as GDC, PAX, and E3, which will help build relationships with journalists and also allow the studio to demo upcoming games. Trade show bookings are perfect opportunities to make a good impression on journalists and gain instant feedback from players.

Pitch phone or email interviews when the studio (a) would like to make an important announcement or convey an opinion that goes against the grain; (b) has new data on a controversial topic; or (c) can offer valuable insight into a common problem or issue. The Q&A process involves pitching, editing, and following up.

Contributed Pieces, Bylines, Commentary & Post-Mortems
Author and pitch postmortems, in publications such as Gamasutra and Develop, to demonstrate the studio’s design and programming expertise. Postmortems are helpful to attract talent and make the company more visible to funding sources.

Place bylines with top game trades to position key personnel as thought leaders in mobile game development.

Offer quotes to current or hot stories. This is a very effective way to enter mainstream publications. Quotes must be (a) newsworthy; (b) conducive to the company’s core message; and (c) harmless to the studio’s partners.