What could be better than this? Just people being pals and lopping off each other’s heads. The one-man development force of Chris Molini at Mind’s Eye Games enlisted our help with Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo—all without dismembering us. Thanks 😉

Recently showcased at PAX East 2016 as part of PAX Rising, this one-hit kill multiplayer mayhem-filled bonanza never saw a moment’s rest — with players challenging both their friends and complete strangers to the fast-paced, frenetic gameplay of Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo. Pirates, snipers, ninjas, and more beat the digital tar out of each other in this arena fighter built for up to eight players!

Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo is available now on Xbox One and Steam (Windows and Mac OS X).


Coverage has been great for the game at GameSpot, True Achievements, and PAX East 2016 as they’ve shared what all the bloody ruckus is about.

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