Tank Maniacs

Press Kit

Title: Tank Maniacs

Developer: Gamelab

PC (Steam)



Tank Maniacs

Press Quotes

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Review Requests

Review requests can be sent to novyunlimited@gmail.com

Monetization Permission

Gamelab allows the contents of Tank Maniacs to be published through video broadcasting services of any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Tank Maniacs and explicitly allowed by Gamelab.

Game Description

Tank Maniacs is a chaotic couch party game for one to four players. You and your fellow pilots will battle it out in post-apocalyptic arenas reminiscent of the once beautiful landscapes of our planet. Your task is simple: eliminate the competition in any way possible. To ensure the unfairness of these encounters, the showrunner will bombard you with environmental hazards and powerful upgrades that can turn the tide of battle in a heartbeat. Engage in free-for-all or team-based combat with friends, or try beating the unforgiving AI bots. If you want to be successful in the arena, you’ll have to master the weird tanks with various gameplay mechanics and familiarize yourself with the different maps that offer a wide range of challenges. Or you can just shoot your friends to bits, that’s fine too.

Key Features

  • 10 wonderfully weird tanks
  • 3 different maps
  • 2 game modes (Last Tank Standing, Last Team Standing)
  • Couch madness up to 4 players
  • Support for a wide range of controllers
  • Unforgiving AI bots

Twitch Extension Trailer

Cinematic Trailer

Demo Gameplay Trailer