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“The company hopes to make this subscription model the basis of an eventual ‘Netflix of mobile games.’”
– Dean Takahashi (VentureBeat)



Ready Unveils Ready Games Subscription Plan with 130 Rotating Original Mini-Games to Redefine Competitive Gaming for Casual Players

NEW YORK – March 7, 2019 – Ready, the studio behind the incredibly popular app The Ready Games, today announced a special subscription plan that will include rolling access to the last 30 days of Ready Games from the company’s portfolio of 130 original mini-games.

The Ready Games is the most active casual eSports tournament in the world – producing more than 130 rotating original mini-game tournaments in the last 6 months alone for the app’s fast growing user base. Ready is also one of the most prolific mobile developers in the App Store and Google Play. Considered the “Saturday Night Live approach to gaming,” The Ready Games delivers three culturally-relevant mini-games every week to an eager audience that competes for real cash in exciting online tournaments.

“Since my first byline for WIRED, I believed that games – and eventually the Internet – would lead to profound cultural changes,” says David S. Bennahum, Founder & CEO of Ready. “With touch-enabled devices everywhere, games are no longer exclusive to ‘hardcore’ players. There’s a huge, untapped market for casual games that can be enjoyed competitively by an audience that is 60% female and does not identify as ‘gamers.’ The Ready Games gives casual players a chance to test their skills against competitors and benefit financially from playing. It’s a game-changer in every sense of the word.”

The Ready Games Subscription
With such an eclectic selection of titles, it was only natural for Ready. to make the last 30 days of past games available for a single monthly fee to users who crave some variety. The company plans to continue along its prolific development path to make this subscription model the basis of an eventual “Netflix of Mobile Games.” Special perks for subscribers are also included – such as nine extra lives per month, access to past games, and exclusive access to secret game codes. The Ready Games Subscription is currently only available to iOS users.

The Ready Games 101
With The Ready Games, iOS and Android users can compete for real money by playing fun mini-games:

  • Three brand-new competitive mobile mini-games are delivered each week.
  • One mini-game drops every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3:00pm Eastern Time – with an extra “Secret Game” over the weekend.
  • Players have unlimited practice runs to hone their skills, but they each have only one official run to compete for the prize and achieve the highest possible score.
  • The top 20% high-scoring players get to split the prize!

Pricing & Availability
The Ready Games is available for free on Android and iOS. “Extra lives” can be acquired via in-app purchases for additional attempts at the prize. The subscription service (currently only available on iOS) is priced at $6.99 per month.







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About Ready
Founded in 2016 by WIRED magazine veteran David S. Bennahum, serial entrepreneur Jonathan Slimak and legal consultant turned techie/advocate for women in tech Christina Macedo, Ready is the innovative virtual studio behind The Ready Games app – the world’s most active competitive platform for mobile casual games. The company has also created brand case studies featuring P&G, Reddit, and the Today Show. Directors/advisors include: Strauss Zelnick – Ready’s first investor and Director, who is also the chairman of Take-Two Interactive, chairman of CBS, and a leader in the game and entertainment fields; Jason Calacanis – legendary Silicon Valley angel, with 70+ investments (including first rounds in Uber and Thumbtack) and best-selling author of Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups; and Douglas Rushkoff – futurist and best-selling author of Team Human. To learn more about The Ready Games, please visit

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